The new Skype translator will improve global communication…

The new Skype translator will improve global communication…

As you probably already know, using Skype is a great way to stay in contact with your friends all over the world.

It is a free internet service which enables video calls and sending messages to all users, regardless of their whereabouts.

However, what was missing from this more than useful application in the past is the fact that if you wanted to make contact with a person speaking another language, chances are you were forced to use online translation programs. Such course of events was anticipated by the Microsoft team. They strove to create a neutral base which would be able to recognize human speech and translate it into a desired language.

Originally, Microsoft presented its new translation program two years ago, but it wasn’t efficient enough. After that, the latest changes have enabled reducing mistakes in recognizing speech by approximately 30%, which in the end led to presenting this project to a wider audience.

Foreign language is translated in the form of subtitles, and the electronic voice can be translated orally into language if you choose this option. This real-time translation makes multicultural, multinational communication much easier. This represents the first step in the era of new translation technologies and global communication.

Phone users with a Windows platform will be able to download this application by the end of the year, while other Skype users will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with this innovation shortly after that.

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