Translation services



Agency “Spelling AZ” is a reliable and confident partner for the translation of texts related to many different professional subject fields.
With our knowledge and experience of many years, we are an admirable competitor of the largest translation companies, as quality and precision are our main priorities.

Unquestionably, globalization has changed the communication field so we believe the possibility to present Your knowledge, ideas and skills in foreign languages is crucial for ascertaining a firm position on the global market.
Whether you work in the field of marketing, technologies, economics or the law, we can help make your work accessible and recognizable outside your country’s borders.

As part of our translation services we translate texts from various subject fields. Thus, we are in possession of an extensive fund of formed glossaries pertaining to the fields of trade, law, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, medicine and chemistry, education, science and culture, health, social and pension insurance etc.


Written translations of all types of documents:


  • personal documents (Certificates of Birth/Marriage/Death; Confirmations of Citizenship; Certificates of Residence; Diplomas; High School Diplomas; Transcripts of records and the curriculum, Powers of Attorney; Visa Applications; Residency Permits; Work Permits; Confirmations of Bank Account Status; ID cards; Driving licences; Passports; Medical Reports etc.).
  • legal and judicial documents (Agreements, Lawsuits, Decisions, Rulebooks, Excerpts from the Company Registers, Financial and Auditors’ Statements, Share-Purchase Agreements etc.).
  • professional texts, technical instructions, certificates, international licences, annual and auditors’ reports, EU legislation, as well as documents from other subject fields: newspaper articles, medical brochures and reports, catalogues, manuals etc.
  • Translation of web sites and commercial messages (promotional material)


When a company breaks into a new market, translation of Internet presentations is one of the most important aspects, as this is the way they reach new potential consumers of their goods and services. This is a complex process involving many activities.
The first prerequisite is to have the text translated correctly. Special consideration should be given to cultural and linguistic characteristics of a country or a region, as well as to characteristics of a specific group the website is intended for. Furthermore, in addition to said requirements, web design skills and expertise are also necessary to fully honour the desired text and graphic formats of the presentation.
Our employees have the necessary knowledge and experience to precisely estimate how and which linguistic variations and trends can influence your company’s marketing strategies.


We work with all formats of text files and graphic formats


We provide certified translations by court-appointed translators/interpreters, depending on the request and need of the client.

Translation of birth certificates, passports, transcripts of records and diplomas is key to a successful communication with any foreign and national institutions.
We at “Spelling AZ” know very well how to meet your demands with exact and professional translations, complying with requested standards of specific countries and their institutions.

It should be noted that all court-appointed interpreters employed with the agency “Spelling AZ” are appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and also experts in the relevant foreign language.

Texts for translation can be delivered in person, by electronic mail or fax. A courier service, which delivers completed translations when necessary, is also at our disposal.

Certified translations are delivered by post within 1 or 2 working days to clients on the entire territory of Serbia.

Furthermore, even though we specialize in written translations, we can also provide interpreting services  to long-term clients.




Our highly experienced, qualified interpreters can help you communicate with speakers of many different languages across a wide range of situations, and we guarantee the accuracy and quality of their work.

Our interpreting services include the following:

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language and relays an interpreted version to the audience. This is ideal for meetings with business partners, business negotiations, trips abroad, medical appointments and confidential hearings. It is usually ordered for events with fewer participants, which involve a lot of moving and travel.
With this kind of interpretation, it is not obligatory that the interpreter be familiar with the subject beforehand, but it is preferable.

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter will usually sit in a soundproof booth and interpret the source to a large audience simultaneously with the speaker. This method is ideal for international conferences and meetings, as there is no need for pause during the speaker’s speech.
Since this type of interpretation is very demanding, it is vital to do a rotation of interpreters in 30 minute intervals.
With this kind of interpretation, it is crucial for the interpreter to be familiar with the topic beforehand.

Legal interpreting and court interpreting

Our court interpreters are fully qualified and certified by the Ministry of Justice in order to make sure that their work has the highest accuracy.

When a non-Serbian speaker needs to sign a contract or authorization – in order to found a company, a branch office of a foreign company etc., it is necessary to have a court-appointed interpreter/translator present to confirm with his/her stamp the authenticity of the document being signed.

This type of interpretation is appropriate for court proceedings, weddings of foreign citizens etc.


We have a large number of satisfied clients and you can be a part of that group too!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Try out the benefits of working with us: quality, speed and competitive prices!